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Although Russian Blue cats produce less of the Fel D 1 protein making them low on the allergy scale, they can still cause an allergic reaction in people with cat allergies as there is no such thing as a true hypoallergenic cat. We now offer t-shirts that our cats have spent at least one week sleeping and playing on. This does not 100% rule out an allergic reaction, however it is a good indicator to see if a reaction may occur. 


*T-shirts are new, men's size medium and unwashed. We have our cats sleep and play on the shirts for a minimum of 1 week before they are sent to you via USPS. 

**Please note if you are allergic to dogs that although our dogs do not have direct contact with the shirts there is a probability that canine dander/ hair has come into contact with the shirts. 

T-shirts are $25.00, shipping and tax included.

Please use the link below to submit your order.

Russian Blue Allergy
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