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Preparing For Your Kitten’s Arrival  


*Please schedule an appointment with your veterinarian no more than 3 days after receiving your kitten* 


Although the kittens are used to our busy house full of kids, dogs and littermates, your kitten may be a little scared for the first week or so. It is best to set up a safe environment for them in a separate room such as a bathroom, laundry room or quiet bedroom with their litter, food, water, bed and a couple of toys. this space should be off limits to other pets and young children until the kitten is adjusted to the new environment. It is best to keep the kitten in this space when you are away from the house to ensure he or she knows where the litter box and food is. While you are home you can let the kitten venture out as he or she feels comfortable. 

Although the kittens are used to our dogs, it will take them time to feel comfortable around new ones, for that reason you should introduce kittens to other animals very slowly and supervise all interactions for at least the first 2 weeks. The first few interactions should be with the kitten in their carrier.  Let them smell each other through the carrier and through doors until they seem more comfortable.  Continue to supervise interactions until they are completely comfortable around each other. This process usually takes a few days for other cats and up to 2 weeks for other dogs depending on the dog’s personality and prior experience being around cats.  The kittens will not harm other cats or dogs.  They will run and hide if they are afraid. This transition is usually much easier than anticipated but please contact me if you have any specific questions.  


Mild diarrhea and loss of appetite are stress induced and normal for the first 72 hours after arriving home.  Mild sneezing may also occur due to change of environment. They will resolve within a few days.    


Your kitten will need his teeth brushed at least once per week. You can purchase a tooth brush and toothpaste at any pet supply store. Please do not use toothpaste meant for people as this will cause an upset stomach. 


Our kittens are used to eating Weruva Kitten wet food and Mother and Baby Cat Royal Canin kibble. Our feeding schedule is 1/2 can of wet food in the morning and the other half can of wet food in the evening.  Dry food is offered all day.  Sticking to this schedule for the first week will reduce stress in your kitten. 


If you will be changing food or feeding schedules we recommend doing it slowly to reduce stress and upset stomach. 


We use and highly recommend Tidy Cats Free and Clear Unscented litter.


Our kittens are trained to use a scratching post and have been taught not to scratch furniture. Please purchase a scratching post and offer treats when you see your kitten using it.  If the kitten does scratch anything else, firmly tell them no and bring them immediately to the scratching post. 


Bathing is not necessary. Cats are naturally very hygienic animals however bathing does reduce allergens and may be helpful if you suffer from allergies.  If you do plan to bathe your kitten, use a mild soap specifically formulated for kittens. If you plan to brush your kitten, please use a very soft silicone type brush.  Metal type brushes will remove their silky top coat and can be painful.  


Kittens are like babies; they will put everything in their mouth and get into things they shouldn’t.  Ribbons, strings, small balls, Styrofoam, raisons, small toys, balloons, Nerf darts and rubber bands can cause intestinal blockages, and this can be fatal.  Please keep anything that a kitten can swallow in a safe place.  


Essential Oils are extremely toxic to cats. Even a small amount can kill a kitten.  Some houseplants and flowers are also toxic to cats. Please research any plants, air fresheners and essential oils before using them in your home.


Supplies to purchase before bringing your baby home:


Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat dry food

Weruva kitten wet food

Litter box and Litter

Food bowl and water fountain

Tooth brush and cat toothpaste

Cat scratching post

Nail Clippers

Cat bed 

Cat tree


If you have any questions or concerns before or after bringing your kitten/s home please do not hesitate to contact me with a phone call, text or email.  

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